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  • Overseas Volunteer For Better India

    Overseas Volunteer For Better India

    .../Y2zCGrGpw6s   #ELIMINATING WATER POVERTY IN RURAL INDIA   Why Water?   India is in the grip of...faces high to extremely high water stress and severe drought imp...drought-stricken villages on water infrastructure and education....ansform India from a state of water poverty to water surplus by 2...

    447 days ago

  • westcoast01


    fire water damage restoration

    462 days ago

  • UVCE Foundation

    UVCE Foundation

    ...larship for 100 deserving students in the coming year.  UVCE Foundation has supported many causes over the years such as Lab upliftment, Toilets, Water facility etc. Most recently U...

    777 days ago

  • Janyaa


    ...the training are as follows Electromagnetism: Use nails, copper wire, cells etc to observe flow of current Electrolysis of water: Use soap box, salt, water, cells etc Respiration i...

    1843 days ago

  • Cupertino Rotary

    Cupertino Rotary

    The Rotary Club of Cupertino is championing a project " Walk for Water" along with the other global and community projects it supports. Come and support the Cupertino Rotary and CRE...

    2870 days ago

  • Two Cents of Hope

    Two Cents of Hope

    ...g youthwith education. We help to upliftthe weaker sections of the society through the panacea - education. As J. Carney put it, "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make...

    2574 days ago

  • Huichol Center

    Huichol Center

    ...d shamanic traditions, creating a Huichol language school, promoting the elimination of hunger through permaculture practices that insure food and water security,  eliminating povert...

    616 days ago

  • Society for Rural Improvement

    Society for Rural Improvement

    ...e socio-economic development aspects of the poor women.  On the social side, the emphasize is on education, health, sanitation, access to drinking water, eradication of social evils,...

    2862 days ago

  • American Red Cross

    American Red Cross emergencies every day can also benefit from Red Cross training. With a wide array of Lifeguarding, Caregiving and Babysitting, and Swimming and Water Safety courses the Red Cross...

    447 days ago

  • Shirdi Sai Parivaar

    Shirdi Sai Parivaar the same to the homeless shelter by 6:30 P.M. on the scheduled date. Menu includes:  Pasta, Soup, Salad, Bread, Regular & Chocolate Milk, Water, Cookies or Muffins Plan is...

    1894 days ago

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