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  • Society for Rural Improvement

    Society for Rural Improvement

    SRI (Society for Rural Improvement is a Registered, Non Profit, Tax exempt organization committed to provide socio-economic support to the poorest rural women.  While the short term goals are to supplement the meager resources for subsistence, the long term objectives are Poverty Alleviation, Eco...

    Tags: rural, women, credit, empowerment, society, poverty, poor

    2865 days ago

  • Muni Seva Ashram in Sevathon 2013

    The Ashram's mission can now be simply stated as :"To serve the deficient and needy sections of the society,  without regards to cast, creed, religion or financial status of the recipient, employing the best available appropriate technologies and in complete harmony with the nature."  

    Tags: health, cancer, education, elderly, orphanage, mentally challenged, rural, renewable, biogas, clean

    2855 days ago

  • Sankara Eye Foundation at Sevathon-2013

    Please help SEF raise donations for 2,000 Eye Surgeries.

    Tags: health, blindness, curable, rural, outreach

    2840 days ago

  • Sankara Eye Foundation

    Sankara Eye Foundation

    Sevathon 2019 - Sunday, September 8th - Arena Green, San Jose, CA Mahatma Gandhi walked for freedom for India. Let us walk at the Sevathon for "freedom from curable blindness" We initiate and drive community eye care activities in India by working with our partner, Sankara Eye Care Institutions...

    Tags: awards, eye, vision, health, blindness, curable, india, rural, outreach, hospital

    450 days ago

  • AIM For Seva Admin

      Our Vision: To transform society through a movement of caring for the remote and poor children of India.Our Mission: To take complete care of the children's educational and healthcare needs through Free Student Homes. Danam - Giving is twice blessed, it blesses...

    Tags: children, health, yoga, healing, rural, academics, values, sports, arts

    605 days ago

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