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  • Joy of Sewa and Chamber of Commerce

    Joy of Sewa and Chamber of Commerce

    ...velopment and Improvement Food for homeless and children Humanitarian and Disaster support Interfaith and Multicultural projects  Human Rights, Civil Rights Activism Supporting local ed...

    1053 days ago

  • Sri Joydip Ashram

    Sri Joydip Ashram

    A Transformational Organisation in Spiritual , Leadership Training & Management Consulting. Also a Non Business Participant in United Nations Global Compact Program working on Global Human Rights , Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption.

    2615 days ago

  • Global Fund for Women

    Global Fund for Women

    We advance the rights of women and girls worldwide by inc...pportunities to realize their human rights. The Global Fund for Women w...e were convinced that women’s human rights and dignity were essential to...for and global expertise in women’s rights. The first grants in 1988 tot...

    1912 days ago

  • AshaJyothiUSA


    ...maximum potential through holistic interventions . We, a group of individuals who believe that it is our  social responsibility to advocate child rights achieve this mission by  empo...

    1894 days ago

  • American Diabetes Association

    American Diabetes Association

    ...ith the most up-to-date information to take a stand against diabetes By advocating on behalf of the diabetes community and all people denied their rights because of diabetes Thank yo...

    1912 days ago

  • Hindu American Foundation

    Hindu American Foundation

    ...e about Hinduism and global issues concerning Hindus, such as religious liberty, the misportrayal of Hinduism, hate speech, hate crimes, and human rights. By promoting the Hindu and A...

    2982 days ago

  • Project Roshni (Support Group of Prajwala)

    Project Roshni (Support Group of Prajwala)

    ...Organization founded by Padmshree Dr. Sunitha Krishnan(Winner of Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, CIVICUS Innovation, CNN-IBN Real Hero Award, Human Rights Award, Living Legends and Tra...

    1170 days ago

  • Voice of Specially Abled People

    Voice of Specially Abled People

    ...sive and Accessible world by accelerating implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN and goals of UN CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities)...

    490 days ago

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