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  • Society for Rural Improvement

    Society for Rural Improvement

    ...he meager resources for subsistence, the long term objectives are Poverty Alleviation, Economic Independence an...ssets are very important to achieve any meaningful results in our poverty alleviation efforts.  Empowerment of wome...

    2906 days ago

  • Overseas Volunteer For Better India

    Overseas Volunteer For Better India   #ELIMINATING WATER POVERTY IN RURAL INDIA   Why Water?  ...a is in the grip of extreme water poverty - 54% of India faces high to...s on a mission to Eliminate Water Poverty in 5000 villages by 2023 can help OVBI eliminate water poverty in...

    491 days ago

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  • Women's Leadership Program

    ...onals and volunteers in fields related to issues supported by ICA, including human rights, women’s rights, health, rural empowerment, poverty alleviation, livelihood, environment and...

    3071 days ago


  • Aged Women in Agriculture - Ghana

    The global policy conversation on how to address extreme poverty is shifting gradually from social protection to productive inclusion m...h is currently being implemented in Gomoa West ( a district with 22.6% poverty hea...

    1451 days ago


  • Freedom from Hunger

    Freedom from Hunger's programs empower women to build healthy lives for their families through access to microfinance, education and health protection products and services.

    Tags: microfinance, poverty alleviation, hunger, empowerment

    2983 days ago

  • Savings group in Mali, West Africa

    Freedom from Hunger’s Saving for Change program is designed for rural areas where there are no lending institutions.  Members deposit their personal savings with the group and then the group lends that money out to individual group members.  These loans are repaid, with interest, ...

    Tags: poverty alleviation, microfinance, hunger, poverty

    2983 days ago

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