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  • Yoga Saripalli

    About me: .... Education is fundamental for elimination of poverty. There may be other NGOs focu...Asha. As a part of my goal to understand the poverty problem, I joined Asha only v...hundreds of millions of people living in dire poverty, millions of children dying b...

    2903 days ago

  • Sath Nelakonda

    About me: ...eeps many millions in the dark. It keeps them downtrodden, poor, exploited and underutilized. Literacy is a key out of poverty and darkness for many. It breaks the cycle of poverty and opens up a world of oppor...

    3011 days ago

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  • Overseas Volunteer For Better India

    Overseas Volunteer For Better India

    ...2zCGrGpw6s   #ELIMINATING WATER POVERTY IN RURAL INDIA   Why Water?...a is in the grip of extreme water poverty - 54% of India faces high to...s on a mission to Eliminate Water Poverty in 5000 villages by 2023 can help OVBI eliminate water poverty in one village of 2000 reside...

    496 days ago

  • Hope Abides

    Hope Abides

    ...orphaned and destitute children in the Indian sub-continent.  Just as  poverty, hunger and illiteracy are no...nationalities or faiths. We wish to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty by providing for the physical...

    1917 days ago

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  • Women's Leadership Program

    ...ofessionals and volunteers in fields related to issues supported by ICA, including human rights, women’s rights, health, rural empowerment, poverty alleviation, livelihood, envi...

    3076 days ago


  • Aged Women in Agriculture - Ghana

    The global policy conversation on how to address extreme poverty is shifting gradually from social protectio...h is currently being implemented in Gomoa West ( a district with 22.6% poverty headcount) is an example of t...

    1457 days ago


  • Savings group in Mali, West Africa

    Freedom from Hunger’s Saving for Change program is designed for rural areas where there are no lending institutions.  Members deposit their personal savings with the group and then the group lends that money out to individual group members.  These loans are repaid, with interest, ...

    Tags: poverty alleviation, microfinance, hunger, poverty

    2988 days ago

  • Microfinance and Health Protection program in India

    Freedom from Hunger's Microfinance and Health Protection program uses microfinance groups as a platform through which to deliver vital health services, including health education, health financing and access to health products and services.

    Tags: healthcare, poverty, microfinance, hunger, education

    2988 days ago

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