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  • Families for Children

    Families for Children

    Families for Children is a non profit organization supporting destitute women and children in Podanur, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh. FFC was founded by Sandra Simpson in 1971. She received the Order of Canada for her work in supporting Children of India and Bangladesh.

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    1870 days ago

  • Muni Seva Ashram in Sevathon 2013

    The Ashram's mission can now be simply stated as :"To serve the deficient and needy sections of the society,  without regards to cast, creed, religion or financial status of the recipient, employing the best available appropriate technologies and in complete harmony with the nature."  

    Tags: health, cancer, education, elderly, orphanage, mentally challenged, rural, renewable, biogas, clean

    2855 days ago



    Mission To lay a firm foundation of the pure dance aspects by teaching simple exercise routines, a disciplined approach to practice sessions and expressional dance form including theory to the aspiring and motivated students.To provide the stage and opportunity to the keen students to ...

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    2531 days ago

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