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  • Maitri

    About me:, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka among others) facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation and human trafficking.  Maitri believes that the best human relationships are characterized by...Brief description: Maitri helps primarily South Asian population facing domestic violence and human trafficking.

    616 days ago

  • Pavani

    About me: ...ers) facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, human trafficking or family conflict. We...mselves" and Maitris mission statement:Maitri believes that the best human relationships are characterized by...

    2921 days ago

  • The Grateful Garment Project

    About me: ...s and other vital resources to Sexual Assault Service Providers throughout the State of California via 6 core programs: Resource Closets Human Trafficking/CSEC Resources Pack-It Forwa...Interests: Human Trafficking / CSEC ResourcesSkills: Human Trafficking / CSEC Resources

    1106 days ago

  • SHFadmin

    Brief description: Stop Human Trafficking - Modern Day Slavery

    2898 days ago

  • tenthorse0

    About me: harian metro How Human Trafficking Has Become This kind of a Dilemma in Today's Globe

    2876 days ago

  • meatjumbo0

    About me: ...ted Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), earning some $320 billion yearly. In comparison with this, illegal firearms at $1 billion and human trafficking at $32 billion really are a d...

    2846 days ago

  • inkpest2

    About me: barnhandel prostitution Human Trafficking Charges and Penalties??? Human Trafficking - What is It???? prostitution

    2835 days ago

  • Project-Roshni-Admin

    Interests: Human Trafficking

    1815 days ago

  • människohandel

    About me: Human Trafficking Across The Globe Current TV journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are returning home to...for Al Gore's venture, Current TV, researching a necessary story of human trafficking along the border, women and c...

    2250 days ago

  • UshaPidaparthy

    About me: ...elp spread awareness and raise funds for Prajwala, fighting against human trafficking. Sevathon 2015 This year th...need at Prajwala for a new shelter for girls who are victims of sex-trafficking. This shelter will include th...

    2235 days ago

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