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  • Yoga Saripalli

    About me: ...a maximum of $500. My intended goal is to raise a minimum of $1116. But hope to raise more than that. So, please contribute generously for my fundraising campaign and help me acheive...

    2894 days ago

  • Guneeta

    About me: ...aining stories of Partition from those who witnessed it in 1947. You can help me document this quickly vanishing memory by helping me reach our fundraising goal. You can choose a donati...

    2933 days ago

  • Sumanth Rajagopal

    About me: I am fundraising for Sankara Eye Foundation

    1100 days ago

  • Liraz

    About me: ...Besides all of our senior activities we also have a FREE legal, health, behavioral health and tax clinic. We are after all a non profit and any fundraising for these amazing programs he...

    3002 days ago

  • Karthik Raghunathan

    Brief description: Fundraising page of Karthik Raghunathan

    1839 days ago

  • Rishi Gupta and Linda Yip

    About me: ...ultimate blossoming of the individual. "  -       Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Foundation   Dear Friends and Family, Please support us in our fundraising efforts towards education for...

    2555 days ago

  • Jerri

    About me: ...isks Connected with Online Bingo a rel="nofollow" href=" online ROULETTE LIVE Guess Together with Minds Fundraising Time Ideas Progressing Coo D...

    3002 days ago

  • Aram Sei

    About me: ...erheads. Support grassroots organizations that do not have a proper fundraising channel. Create awareness professionals. Our team has a successful track record in managing fundraising events and outreach programs...

    1815 days ago

  • Sonal Solanki

    About me: ...g that goal by raising $6,267, translating into 208 eye surgeries.   Hence, paying the encouragement forward, this time instead of creating a fundraising goal for my participation, I...

    2552 days ago

  • Jay

    About me: Friends,  Please help me with my fundraising for Sankara Eye Foundation. Sankara has reached the milestone of 1 Million Free Eye Surgeries this year. There are millions more who will...

    2551 days ago

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