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  • Jay

    About me: Friends,  Please help me with my fundraising for Sankara Eye Foundation. Sankara has reached the milestone of 1 Million Free Eye Surgeries this year. There ar...

    2512 days ago

  • Team Raghavan

    About me: ...o shape. Just that nice feeling you get helping out thousands of people who could really use it.  Speaking of helping, to learn more about Sankara Eye Foundation, the Non-Profit we...

    2517 days ago

  • Gift of Vision Club LAHS

    About me: Hello! We are the Gift of Vision Club at Los Altos High School. The mission of our club is to support Sankara Eye Foundation in eradicating curable blindness. We are participating in the Sevathon 2014. Please donate generously towards this wonderful cause. Thanks.Brief description: Gift of Vision Club at Los Altos High School supporting Sankara Eye Foundation to eradicate curable blindness

    2523 days ago

  • Krishna Kadali

    About me: I am Krishna Kadali, a volunteer with Sankara Eye Foundation, participating in Sevathon to raise funds to help eradicate curable blindness. Please contribute to this noble cause and help provide life to someone who will otherwise have to depend on someone else to lead life.

    436 days ago

  • Sagar Patel

    Location: Sankara Eye Foundation, Milpitas, CA

    2546 days ago

  • Meera

    Brief description: I am walking the half marathon, to raise funds for Sankara Eye Foundation. This is my first baby steps, in my efforts to give back something to my community.

    2186 days ago

  • Prasanna Jayaganesh

    About me: ...My name is Prasanna and I am helping the non-profit organization Sankara Eye foundation, to raise funds. running 10K for Sankara ! Please donate and bring light in someone's eyes!!!! As a Cupertino Middle Sc...

    2419 days ago

  • Deepika Tikku

    About me: I am a volunteer at Sankara Eye Foundation and I will be running 5k at the Sevathon event . It takes $30 for one eye surgery and my goal is to open at least 50 eyes for the needy people in Indi...

    2853 days ago

  • Sahithya

    About me:  I am a supporter and volunteer for Sankara Eye Foundation, whose mission is to eradicate curable blindn...BE THAT WAY! I am running 10K and pledge to raise funds for ATLEAST 100 eye surgeries. Please support my...

    2862 days ago

  • Dia

    About me: The people in India suffer from curable blindnes and it only takes $30 for one eye surgery. I wish to raise money for atleast 50 surgeries by donating to Sankara Eye Foundation. Please donate and help me achieve my goal. Apprecite much. Thank You !

    2888 days ago

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