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  • Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc. is a volunteer run Non-profit organization. We strive: To make qualtiy education accessibel to underpriviliged population. To provide health services to...

    450 days ago

  • Sunday Friends Foundation

    Sunday Friends Foundation

    What if you could give opportunities instead of handouts? That's what Sunday Friends, a making gifts for children in hospitals, preparing healthy meals during the program, wri...

    450 days ago

  • ( support all Non-Profits)Sevathon Common Pool

    ( support all Non-Profits)Sevathon Common Pool

    ICC needs your help to carry out its mission of promoting Indian culture and values by critical to our efforts of providing much used services in our community. One its free medical clinic with popular counseling ser...

    621 days ago



    MOHAN USA INC is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization that promote organ donation worldwide...ohan Mahal a Heart Transplant recipient since 1993 is the Ambassador for MOHAN USA INC.      

    1870 days ago

  • NIE USA Foundation

    NIE USA Foundation

    NIE USA  Foundation We are proud to annouce tha tNIE USA Foundation hsa been registered officialy as a non-profit entity. NIE USA Foundation is a registered ta...pledged close to 37 K.   GOALS OF NIE USA Foundation: Promote Alumni...

    143 days ago

  • Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

    Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

    AACI is Santa Clara County’s largest community-based organization focused on Asian Americans in the community. For 40 years, our services have provided critical support and we continue to grow to provide culturally accessible services, not only for Asian Americans but for all. 

    2134 days ago

  • India Literacy Project

    India Literacy Project

    To educate, to empower and to be a catalyst f...ject (ILP) was founded in 1990 in the USA by a group of young Non-Resident I...the gaps in the delivery of education services, and to bring about syst...success rates of programs funds. ILP USA We have our volunteers in th...

    450 days ago

  • Organization for rare diseases India, USA (ORDIUSA)

    Organization for rare diseases India, USA (ORDIUSA)

    Organization for Rare Diseases India in USA ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit p...vocacy groups and researchers in USA, India, and other countries t...erapy access across borders. ORDIUSA aims to be a catalyst in maki...y and Orphan Drug Policy between USA, India and other countries....

    619 days ago

  • Ekam USA

    Ekam USA

    "Every Child Deserves a Right to a Healthy Life” and no chil...nt through education and awareness campaigns. Ekam USA is the sister organization of Ekam Foundation with chapters across the USA. Run - Walk - or do Yoga and...

    642 days ago

  • Pallium India-USA

    Pallium India-USA

    Watch our "Who is Pallium India?" video... PALLIUM INDIA-USA "Care, Compassion, Community" A life wit...serious or advanced illnesses, whether in USA or India. In USA, we promote...BOUT DONATIONS: Donations to Pallium India-USA are processed via our partner...

    2618 days ago

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