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  • Jay

    About me: this year. There are millions more who will go blind if left untreated. Please help us bring vision to millions more. Let's eradicate curable blindness.

    2551 days ago

  • Gift of Vision Club LAHS

    About me: Hello! We are the Gift of Vision Club at Los Altos High School. The mission of our club is to support Sankara Eye Foundation in eradicating curable blindness. We are participating in the Sevathon 2014. Please donate generously towards this wonderful cause. Thanks.Brief description: Gift of Vision Club at Los Altos High School supporting Sankara Eye Foundation to eradicate curable blindness

    2562 days ago

  • Krishna Kadali

    About me: I am Krishna Kadali, a volunteer with Sankara Eye Foundation, participating in Sevathon to raise funds to help eradicate curable blindness. Please contribute to this noble cause and help provide life to someone who will otherwise have to depend on someone else to lead life.

    475 days ago

  • Sahithya

    About me:  I am a supporter and volunteer for Sankara Eye Foundation, whose mission is to eradicate curable blindness. It takes just $30 for one cataract surgery, yet millions are needlessly...

    2900 days ago

  • kalamurali

    About me: ...$1500 can take care of atleast 50 people. It takes only $30 for one surgery and every single dollar that you donate will help eradicate curable blindness. Please support my cause and...

    2918 days ago

  • front6number

    About me: ...e experience but also can deliver real-world results for clients grappling with wrongful death, brain injuries, loss of limb or bodily function, blindness and other claims of catastrop...

    2893 days ago

  • weedergrade55

    About me: ...he abundance of energy gave place to haphazard place and application resulting in pollution and energy waste. It's a health hazard as short-term blindness leading to automobile acciden...

    2845 days ago

  • planepocket02

    About me: ...use you to get rid of your teeth, and cause wrinkles, yellow fingernails? It can also result in macular degeneration, which often contributes to blindness. If you smoke because of...

    2841 days ago

  • trucksea3

    About me: ...eople. Wearing sunglasses that block UV rays will help prevent eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration - two leading causes of blindness. Because UV damage is cumulat...

    2837 days ago

  • mouthchime6

    About me: ...on of a pepper spray will get you 20-30 minutes away from an attacker. It will lead to the attacker to have shortness of breathe, have temporary blindness due to excessive tearing and...

    2827 days ago

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