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  • Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

    Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

    Center For Spirtual Enlightenment (CSE) CSE is a meditation center in the heart of Sil...thical and spiritual awakening to bring about world peace, and the importance of indivi...Truth known by many names.The Center is an oasis of peace in...

    2928 days ago

  • Saburi Charitable Foundation

    Saburi Charitable Foundation

    Saburi is a sanskrit word that translates to 'patience and perseverance' the qualities needed throughout the path to reach our goal.               In the name of the Lo...

    1943 days ago

  • Global Peace Initiative

    Global Peace Initiative

    The Global Peace Initiative is an innovative, scientifically vali...dated program to create world peace! Global Peace Initiative's g...t group of 9,000 professional peace creators in India and another...itional Vedic technologies of peace revived by Maharishi Mahesh Y...opulation. To create this peaceful...

    1142 days ago

  • Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc. Community Seva’s Mission: To selflessly serve the community with no bo...Volunteer Services Awards Program. Quite literally, the word...a means “service”. Selfless service, or Seva (a Sanskrit word), i...

    1917 days ago

  • Art Of Living Foundation

    Art Of Living Foundation

    The Art of Living   Operating in 152 countries, the Art of Living Foundation (A...nd a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world peace.” The AOLF community is diver...nation of stress and foster deep and profound inner peace, h...

    744 days ago

  • Childrens Hospital and Research Center - OAKLAND

    Childrens Hospital and Research Center - OAKLAND

    KKNC has selected theChildren's Hospital & Research Center Oakland as the Non-Profit for th...Year. Please help this effort by contributing whatever you desire. Kindly spread the word and...

    3035 days ago

  • Sewa International, USA

    Sewa International, USA

    Sewa International is a 501(c)(3) Hindu faith-based nonprofit charity. Sewa International in the USA has 38 chap...have misery (Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu; Ma: Kaschit Dukha: Bhag Bhavet;) Om peace, peace, p...

    1863 days ago

  • Hope4Harper- #Reynascure

    Hope4Harper- #Reynascure

    Reyna Jogani was born with a random genetic condition called CDKL5. CDKL5 is a gene that...ore undiagnosed affected by this condition. To donate, please go to reyna's cure (one word) on...

    685 days ago

  • Reyna's cure - Hope4Harper

    Reyna's cure - Hope4Harper

                                                               ...undiagnosed affected by this condition.   To donate, please go to reyna's cure (one word) on...

    692 days ago

  • Yoga Bharati

    Yoga Bharati

    Yoga Daan - Be a Part of our Seva! Yoga Bharati has pledged to offer yoga as a tool to bring peace and health in the world. Our volunteers have burning passion, health and bring forth intellectual knowledge and spiritual peace in...

    496 days ago

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