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  • BVJagadeesh

    About me: ...ship to the needy students of UVCE. In its all-embracing arms, U...udents send their children to UVCE, many a time with nothing mor...lly gifted to have made it to UVCE.  Let us show our support to...of the program. Through the UVCE Foundation Scholarship Fund,...Brief description: Raising Money for UVCE Scholarship

    2203 days ago


    About me: I'm a UVCE alumni interested in charitable causes that alleviate the burden of poverty "Overcoming povery is not a task of charity; It is an act of justice" - Nelson Mandela      

    2420 days ago

  • aparna

    About me: I studied and Graduated from UVCE.  I am currently raising pledges to support economically challenged students.  My goal is to support 4 students.  Please support me in my cause to provide education to the needy and deserving.   

    2563 days ago

  • cinema8goal

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