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  • The Grateful Garment Project

    About me: ...ntire mission is to assist in the process...e is narrow: To reduce any further negative impact on victims of sex...tems till date. How we help The Grateful Garment Project is proud to provide new cloth...s for Dignity Beautification Projects The Grateful Garment Project is a 501(c)(3) nonpro...

    1116 days ago

  • Chloe Morel

    About me: ...utations next month to support The Grateful Garment Project. It may not sound like much, b...lose even more dignity through the process of being cared for at the hospital- the Grateful Garment Project ensures no woman (or man!) is...ent home in a paper gown after their clothing is taken in as evidenc...

    2193 days ago

  • Nancy

    About me: Support The Grateful Garment Project and help to restore dignity to all victims of sexual assault.  This non-profit helps over 80 agencies throughout California to provide them with clean change of clothes and basic items to start fresh after a traumatic experience.

    1061 days ago

  • Michele Grisham

    About me: Proud to be a board member at The Grateful Garment Project.  Please support the Grisham's Family Walk4Dignity walk by walking, running or donating.  Your donation supports victims of sexual violence in California.

    1032 days ago

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