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  • Morgan Autism Center

    Since 1969, Morgan Autism Center has been serving the greater San Francisco Bay area as a leading provider of individualized educational services for people with autism. The Morgan Autism Center Model mines the best techniques from multiple developmental and educational models and applies them to...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    2961 days ago

  • Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose

    Art is a powerful instrument of positive social change.  For over 30 years, Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose has produced world-class Bharatanatyam (a South Indian classical dance form) concerts highlighting important social issues. Using a traditional discipline, Abhinaya reaches today's ...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    2982 days ago

  • Aram Sei

    Like all things in Silicon Valley, the idea of Aram Sei germinated when a group of like-minded volunteers decided to Aram Sei which in Tamil means, help others. Aram Sei intends to help grassroots organizations raise money to support endeavors that aim to provide basic education and healthcare. A...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1824 days ago

  • renujoy

    Friends,             We are raising funds for Isha Vidhya, a nonprofit educational initiative supporting underprivileged children in rural India. Isha Vidhya is committed to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and helping disadvantaged children realize their full potential...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1805 days ago

  • SEF

    Location: San Jose, CA

    2430 days ago

  • AshaJyothiUSA - Educate, Engage and Empower children in need

    AshajypthiUSA has impacted lives of over 5000+ under privileged children. We are providing hygienic shelter, nutritious food, quality education and adequate medical help to 200 + special needs children. Through various schools across India, we are reaching out to kids and putting them in schools ...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1900 days ago

  • Mohita Iyer

    Just over two months ago, I lost my father to lung cancer which had metastacised to his brain. This was the second time he had been diagnosed with cancer. Although he was lucky enough to live 8 more years after the first diagnosis, this time he wasn't as lucky. This June, we would have celebrated...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1851 days ago

  • Hope thru hoops

    Dear Friends, This year I am also campaigning for Hi5 Youth Foundation. Hi5 Youth Foundation is a high-spirited, professionally run sports-NGO, dedicated to coaching basketball to large numbers of young underprivileged children. Its multi-level, multi-year program teaches children basketball bl...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1083 days ago

  • Let there be light - Sponsoring 50 eye surgeries

    Dear Freinds, This is my 6th year of fundraising for Sankara Eye foundation through Sevathon. I would like to thank all of you for supporting me through these years. Bringing the light of vision onto someones eyes is an amazing thing. I hope you will join me in this campaign this year too. ...

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1083 days ago

  • Michele Grisham

    Proud to be a board member at The Grateful Garment Project.  Please support the Grisham's Family Walk4Dignity walk by walking, running or donating.  Your donation supports victims of sexual violence in California.

    Location: San Jose, CA

    1032 days ago

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