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  • Tibetan Aid Project

    Tibetan Aid Project

    MISSION STATEMENT The Tibetan Aid Project rebuilds, preserves, strengthens, and perpetuates Tibet's cultural and s...Our primary program: Funding the production, shipment, and distribution of sacre...

    1829 days ago

  • Light Of Life Trust

    Light Of Life Trust

    We educate orphan and underprivileged children in over 425 villages of India. We are...conduct health camp, for a physical and eye exam of children. Meals, clothes, books, are provided. Kid's talents...

    1886 days ago

  • PlayPack, Inc.

    PlayPack, Inc.

    PlayPack is a completely youth-run non-profit organization created in 2012. It is aim...called PlayPacks. These PlayPacks are filled with fun activities like coloring books, puzzles, cards, crayons, and...

    2920 days ago

  • Walk4 Dignity by The Grateful Garment Project

    Walk4 Dignity by The Grateful Garment Project

    The Grateful Garment Project is a unique non-profit based in the Bay Area, with a mis...nce. We provide basic resources including, new clothing, food, grooming items, books, and other miscellaneous item...

    819 days ago

  • Samskrita Bharati USA

    Samskrita Bharati USA

    Promote Samskritam in spoken and written forms among people of all ages in an interac...and enhance learning.Bring to light existing Samskritam literature and publish books and create audiovisual and ot...

    1940 days ago

  • Enacte Arts Inc.

    Enacte Arts Inc.

    The appetite of the world at large for all things Indian has never been highe...ubiquity of a cheeseburger. Indian authors proliferate on the world’s bookshelves and must read lists of books. However the story of ‘India’...

    1091 days ago

  • Huichol Center

    Huichol Center

    The Huichol Center: A Model for Cultural Survival The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, anthropologist Susana Valade...t a tipping point, as they struggle against extreme poverty, the loss of their sacre...

    663 days ago

  • Warriors For Empowerment Inc.

    Warriors For Empowerment Inc.

    62 million children in India lack education. One of the biggest contributors to pover...s looking to raise $2,000 in donations to help provide high quality education, books, uniforms and school supplies...

    761 days ago

  • Midwest Medical Mission

    Midwest Medical Mission

    Midwest Medical Missions (MMM) is a non-profit organization based in St. Louis that r...icherry, India, for free. All aspects of a child's education- uniforms, lunch, books, etc.- are completely free to...

    2934 days ago

  • Bay Area Tamil Manram

    Bay Area Tamil Manram

    Bay Area Tamil Manram is a secular, non-profit, non-political, and non-partisan organ...nguage, culture, and history. To provide a library of Tamil and Tamil related books. To provide a Tamil Computin...

    2239 days ago

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