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  • Natural Path Meditation - Sahaj Marg

    Natural Path Meditation - Sahaj Marg

    ...Natural path), a form of Raja Yoga, is a heart-based meditation system.The essential features of Sahaj Marg system are Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer. The "cl...d samskaras) is claimed to be unique to this method. Meditation is on the "mere supposition o...

    2259 days ago

  • Brahma Kumaris

    Brahma Kumaris

    Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center offers free courses, lectures and workshops, a meditation room and a small bookshop. The center is a resource for each to be inspired to look inward, upward and forward to explore their nature, innate values, and higher purpose.

    1798 days ago

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  • Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

    Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

    Center For Spirtual Enlightenment (CSE) CSE is a meditation center in the heart of Silicon Valley, focused on the essential truth and harmony found in the world's religions, the necessity for a global ethical and spiritual awakening to bring about world peace, and the importance of individual pa...

    Tags: cse, meditation, spiritual, kriya yoga, hatha yoga, awaken, One Truth, youth

    2883 days ago

  • ptaadmin

      Path to Anandam is a non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA We guide people “How to be happy, healthy and blissful.” Our mission  is to alleviate the suffering of others through education and supporting philanthropic causes. Path to Anandam offers unique step-by-step pr...

    Tags: education, rural education, spirituality, meditation, women's empowerment, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, women, kids, poverty, prosperity, abundance, yoga, Sevathon, non-profit, joyful learning

    1779 days ago

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