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  • Morgan Autism Center

    Morgan Autism Center

    Morgan Autism Center  Since 1969, Morgan Autism Center has been serving the greater San Francisco Bay area as a le...plies them to the individual needs of the students. The result is a nurturing, joyful e...

    2733 days ago

  • MyndFlex, Inc.

    MyndFlex, Inc.

    MyndFlex is a 501(c)(3) Incorporated Non-Profit Organizat...cater to a broad spectrum of students with varied learning abilities. MyndFlex endeavors...ork. This helps children gain knowledge and master learning strategies to suit their own...

    2968 days ago

  • AIM For Seva

    AIM For Seva

    DIGITAL LEARNING SEEKING TOMORROW AIM for Seva seeks to give our children the best that te...oftware. This includes a desktop and the accessories required to enrich the learning experience. Children at the F...

    487 days ago

  • Samskrita Bharati USA

    Samskrita Bharati USA

    Promote Samskritam in spoken and written forms among peop...e instructional aids in multitude of media to make learning an easy and rewarding experie...tions and other programs to complement and enhance learning.Bring to light existing Samsk...

    1934 days ago

  • Healthy Scholars Foundation

    Healthy Scholars Foundation

    Healthy Scholars Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit global o...cation about these health problems that can impact learning. The nonprofit hopes to help...eness of various health issues and their impact on learning with an intent to help diagno...

    2758 days ago

  • Pratham USA

    Pratham USA

    We helped 7.7 million children in 2014. In India, there 700,000 children across India to measure actual learning -- we work with children, tea...ernments to make sure every child is in school and learning well, through a variety of ru...

    1050 days ago

  • Living Wisdom School

    Living Wisdom School

    Excellence Cultivating a lifelong love of learning and critical thinking in an atmosphere of respect for the individual Education for Life Building character; practicing emotional self-ma...

    1131 days ago



    One School At A Time One School at a Time is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization ded...costs, and utilizes 100% of your donation to build a strong, safe and healthy learning environment for kids in rural...

    486 days ago

  • The Tech Museum of Innovation

    The Tech Museum of Innovation

    The Tech is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and—located in the Capital of Silicon Valley —is a non-profit, experiential learning resource established to engag...

    2897 days ago

  • Sunday Friends Foundation

    Sunday Friends Foundation

    What if you could give opportunities instead of handouts? That's what Sunday Friends...ts programs for very low-income families. Sunday Friends has created a unique learning environment that offers famil...

    486 days ago

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