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  • Subbu

    About me: ...back and recently to Dubai, but  Isha Vidhya cause is very close to my heart and I decide to support Isha Vidhya from India participating in...o raise Scholarship for $7500.  Isha Vidhya provides education to rural k...d environment for their growth. Isha Vidhya currently runs 8 schools and...

    1829 days ago

  • Ravishankar Nilakantan

    About me: ...a non-profit educational initiative called Isha Vidhya. For the past 6 years, I ha...heir mark sheets. It made me see the impact Isha Vidhya was having on the lives of for your time and support. Ravi About Isha Vidhya: Isha Vidhya is a non-profit...

    244 days ago

  • Bhaskar Srinivasan

    About me: Isha Vidhya is about educating underprivileged kids in villages whose family income...iforms, books,lunch). For more info, please visit ISHA Foundation Matching Information...

    1044 days ago

  • Shanthi

    About me: Dear All , My Name is Shanthi , this is the first time I am participating in half marathon . I am very happy because I am raising funds for Isha Vidhya which provides high quality education for rural children . I am inviting you join me by donating to raise funds . Thanks Shanthi

    3006 days ago

  • Hema Vijayan

    About me: ...on-profit rural educational intiative, Isha Vidhya. I got to know about Isha Vidhya about 8 years ago and ever...n-profit educational initiative called Isha Vidhya. A small amount of money coul...ty.You can find more information about Isha Vidhya at

    1828 days ago

  • Shiv

    About me: ...the kids to work as daily laborers. Through Isha Vidhya we have the opportunity generation school goers. I have been an Isha Vidhya Donor for 2 years .First Time...nnual mark sheet convinced me on the impact Isha Vidhya was making in the lives of th...

    1074 days ago

  • Vijayan

    About me: Dear Friends, I am running for Isha Vidya's cause in this year Sevath...ll donations are tax exempt. About Isha Vidya:Isha Vidhya provides education to rural kids. Isha Vidhya addresses a specific need tha...information about this at My Experience With Isha...

    652 days ago

  • Harini Jambunathan

    About me: ...Silicon Valley. I have been a volunteer with Isha vidya, a non-profit initiativ...n of sensible and sensitive individuals. ( Every penny donated w...rena Green East, San Jose, CA on Aug 19th for Isha Vidhya starting 6:30a. Please show y...

    1033 days ago

  • Goutham

    About me: ...what I am today. I have been associated with Isha since May 2009 and have been...e the kids to work as daily laborers. Through Isha Vidhya we have the opportunity to first generation school goers. Why Isha Vidhya? Ã...

    662 days ago

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