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  • Roshni


    Roshni aims to empower a new generation of economically self-sufficient and socially responsible women who will catalyze the economic and social progress of the nation...

    3029 days ago

  • Empower and Excel

    Empower and Excel

    Empower underprivileged children by providing educational resources and awareness to excel. Empowering Youth to give back to community early in life by volunteering and teaching.

    1828 days ago

  • Vasavi Seva Foundation

    Vasavi Seva Foundation

    Strong Community bonding is not just essential to the current generation but many generations to come. VSF provides a platform where people from similar background can connect, bond, contribute and have fun.

    491 days ago

  • SelfEducate


    Empower through education.

    1171 days ago

  • Yours Humanly

    Yours Humanly

    At Yours Humanly, our 501(c)(3) organization is ending global child illiteracy...ic human right, we’re able to enable and empower underprivileged children both...he human right, we’re able to enable and empower un...ic human right, we’re able to enable and empo...

    2299 days ago

  • Dharma Civilization Foundation

    Dharma Civilization Foundation

    The recent PEW Research Center findings on America’s religious landsca...ut it will not work for a new generation of Hindu Americans. Affiliati...religious commitment of a new generation of Hindu Americans is the rej...mend our tradition to another generation, we must first answer the que...

    1857 days ago

  • Saburi Charitable Foundation

    Saburi Charitable Foundation

    Saburi is a sanskrit word that translates to 'patience and perseverance' the qualities needed throughout the path to re...Its started by a collective effort from a group of friends who dream to see a  gene...

    1938 days ago

  • Climate Healers Vegan Oscars

    Climate Healers Vegan Oscars

    Climate Healers is hosting the Vegan Oscars during Sevathon 2012, in order to promote veganism amongst the next generation. In this event, we will...

    3072 days ago

  • Warriors For Empowerment Inc.

    Warriors For Empowerment Inc.

    62 million children in India lack education. One of the biggest contributors t...e. With your support these children will empower themselves to overcome obstac...Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower un... thank you for your support!Warriors For Empo...

    759 days ago

  • Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose

    Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose

    Abhinaya Dance Company perpetuates India’s cultural heritage by teaching and performi...tructured arts education program nurtures the development of Silicon Valley’s next generation of dancers. Our profess...

    2924 days ago

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