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  • Sunday Friends Foundation

    Sunday Friends Foundation

    What if you could give opportunities instead of handouts? That's what Sunday Friends, for children in hospitals, preparing healthy meals during the program, writing letters to the Sunday Friends...

    447 days ago

  • Janyaa


      Empower with Hands-On Learning Our vision is to change the lives of under-privilege...its. The result ofour program is that the kids are creative problem solvers and innovativ...chool with limited potential to be independent and creativ...

    1843 days ago

  • Bharati Tamil Sangam

    Bharati Tamil Sangam

    Bharati Tamil Sangam is a cultural organization for world-wide Tamils, that adheres to Hindu Culture and Dharmic children to adults- a platform to showcase and highlight their special and creativ...

    2974 days ago

  • Association for India's Development (AID)

    Association for India's Development (AID)

    Support the spirit of Seva and Bay Area AID projects! Pledge to Association for India's Development to make a donat...ore Swanivar is a project aimed at providing holistic education by employing creativ...

    2291 days ago

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