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  • SOS Children's Villages USA at Sevathon-2018

    Sevathon 2018 celebrating the 10th year of the largest showcase of Non-profits int he world.    

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    1129 days ago

  • Ekam USA

    "Every Child Deserves a Right to a Healthy Life” and no child should be denied healthcare due to financial reasons. This is the motto of Ekam Foundation started in India in 2009. Ekam Foundation was started by Dr. Sai Lakshmi Balijepally, a truly altruistic pediatrician who has dedicated her life...

    Tags: children, healthcare, medical, kids, treatment, charity, mother

    655 days ago

  • H2H Foundation at Sevathon-2019

    World-Class Cardiac Surgical and Medical Care for the Poorest Children in India 5000 children needing surgeries in 2019  we would like to raise money for supporting 100 surgeries. We request you to Please regiser and raise pledges to make this a reality. I...

    Tags: heart, children, heart defects, H2H

    679 days ago

  • Heart to Heart (H2H) Foundation USA at Sevathon-2019

    World-Class Cardiac Surgical and Medical Care for the Poorest Children in India India remains the world capital for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), with 300,000 children born each year, an incidence of 19.2/1000 live-births1 . Without medical/surgical care, more...

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    679 days ago

  • Saloni Heart Foundation

    Saloni Heart Foundation

    Empower Parents of Children with Special Heart

    Tags: heart, kids, pediatrics, cardiology, sick, health, children, child, cardiac, patient

    493 days ago

  • Communication DEALL

    PROJECT SUMMARY Communication DEALL, an early intervention program for children with Autism.  This project, based in Bangalore, is an indigenous early intervention program for children with Autism that is geared to the particular socio-economic context of India. The individualized...

    Tags: Special Education, Autism, Early Intervention, Education, Children, Voice of a Child, Dr. Prathibha Karanth, Communication DEALL, Com DEALL, DEALL

    2988 days ago

  • Akshaya Patra USA

    Akshaya Patra USA

    The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an innovative school meal program that currently serves hot, nutritious school meals to 1.5 million children across India every day! Akshaya Patra was founded on the belief that the simplest of catalysts—a hot school meal—could reverse poverty trends by combating c...

    Tags: Children, Hunger, Education, Poverty, Akshaya, Non-Profit

    495 days ago

  • Aram Sei

    Aram Sei

    Aram Sei is a non-profit organization that aims to support grassroots charities in the areas of education and healthcare. We harness the power of the community to spread hope and happiness. Aram Sei is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

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    1916 days ago

  • Southwest YMCA at Sevathon-2013

    Southwest YMCA - Our cause is strengthening community. We do so by focusing our efforts on developing youth, improving healthy living for all and fostering social responsibility to create positive and lasting personal and social change - the kind of change that can only come about when we all w...

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    2900 days ago

  • Lalitha Gollamudi

    “Privileged being a woman Blessed being a daughter Complacent being a wife Complete being a mother Empowered being a Researcher Crusader being a runner……”   Can you join me with scuttling steps…… influencing inside to modify outside?   Little children and young girls all over the world a...

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    2249 days ago

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