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  • The Nidhi Foundation

    The Nidhi Foundation

    ...on-profit in N. America dedicated to serving communities by enhancing awareness of public interest issues and...(Kaveri) river and its worldwide screening in order to enhance public awareness in order to take action to pr...

    2799 days ago

  • Green Kids Now

    Green Kids Now

    ...ization purposed to reach youth of all ages around the world to raise awareness on environmental issues, and...together from all around the world to care for our environment, raise awareness, take action, and share ideas...

    2628 days ago

  • Sathseva


    ...ical practitioners, village leaders and volunteers, striving to bring awareness about healthy life styles to...ical practitioners, village leaders and volunteers, striving to bring awareness about healthy life styles to...

    3032 days ago

  • Empower and Excel

    Empower and Excel

    Empower underprivileged children by providing educational resources and awareness to excel. Empowering Youth to give back to community early in life by volunteering and teaching.

    1830 days ago

  • Rcoz


    ...ed communities To create an education campaign about basic hygiene that prevents infection and disease To involve youth and community to build awareness and bring change...

    1940 days ago

  • Organs 'R' Us

    Organs 'R' Us

    ...organ donation through athletics. Through creation of educational and awareness programs, ORU supports indivi...nors. To increase the number of available organs, ORU's award winning awareness programs focus on encouraging...

    1940 days ago

  • Healthy Scholars Foundation

    Healthy Scholars Foundation

    ...hypothyroidism, vision and hearing problems. Healthy Scholars raises awareness of and provides education abo...ithout having to be held back by treatable health problems. We raise awareness of various health issues and...

    2765 days ago

  • Kelly Wellness and Chiropractic

    Kelly Wellness and Chiropractic

    Our team is dedicated to helping the most people achieve the most health. We encourage education and awareness in regard to alternative medicine and holistic healing approaches. We wor...

    1173 days ago

  • Ekam USA

    Ekam USA

    ...ppens through direct medical support and indirectly through community awareness, empowerment, and participati...ched 1 million lives with community empowerment through education and awareness campaigns. Ekam USA is the s...

    685 days ago



    ...donation worldwide, foster research and education in this field through partnerships, collaboration and participate in fund raising to increase awareness amongst the general public in...

    1913 days ago

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