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Brief description: A wanderlust trying to figure out why India is poor

About me

I am Yoga Saripalli, currently living in Leuven, Belgium. I will be in San Jose on the weekend of July 14th. So, I thought I'd take the chance of running for my favorite charity, Asha for Education. I will be running the 10k.

For more details:

So why Asha?

I have worked with other NGOs before but Asha has captured my imagination more than any other organization for their sole focus on educating the millions in India. Education is fundamental for elimination of poverty. There may be other NGOs focused on education as well but that is beside the point now. I will focus only on why Asha.

As a part of my goal to understand the poverty problem, I joined Asha only very recently although I knew about it since a long time. In Asha you directly engage with the people in need. In every Asha meeting I learn a lot about the issues that people face on a daily basis. There is a steward for every project who makes an indepth study of the project, identifies problems and funding opportunities and collaborate with the local NGOs. Most of them present their cases with an amazing rigor. In the meetings there are always discussions on the projects and the best part is that disagreements are taken into consideration.

I get to learn the issues spanning all India that I may not get to know otherwise. This steward model is probably not unique only to Asha but I see the implementation of this model successfully here. Therefore, it is not surprising then that Asha with this model and a focus only on education has been fairly successful in raising funds and impacting millions of lives. Check out more details on the amounts raised and their outreach.

However, the magnitude of the problem is such that nothing is really "enough" as long as there are malnourished children in India, hundreds of millions of people living in dire poverty, millions of children dying before reaching age five, etc. India's poverty is needless and engineered. So, we need to do our bit in freeing India's millions from the jaws of this cruelty created by us, by our own people.

But why should you donate you may ask. It is not an exaggeration to say that most of us are close to the top of the (economic) pyramid enjoying all the benefits this world has to offer. It is not in our interest that the base of the pyramid is weak. In this sense, it is inyour interest to contribute. Besides, education provides a positive externality such that entire society benefits. So, everyone would be better off. There you go. Please contribute to my fund raising campaign with this in mind.

In this regard, I recommend reading the article below:

I have some rules when I raise funds that I follow (even when I donate):

1. If you belong to the single income group (SIG), i.e, only you earn in your family, then a minimum of $25.

2. If you belong to double income group (DIG), i.e, both you and your spouse earn, then a minimum of $50.

3. If you are in Europe, then it is the same in Euros.

4. If you are in India, for SIG it is Rs 500 while for DIG it is Rs 1000.

5. Even if you are in debt or something with a new home purchase, etc, just raise your debt ceiling ala Unlce Sam style :-) and contribute (same rules as above apply).

What would be my contribution you may ask. I will match any dollar 1:1 to a maximum of $500. My intended goal is to raise a minimum of $1116. But hope to raise more than that.

So, please contribute generously for my fundraising campaign and help me acheive my goal. Just click the donate icon beside my page and do drop me a line after you do so.

Thanks a lot



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