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Winefit is the professional system that revolutionize the service of the wine by the glass since 2011. Covered by many international patents, Winefit offers to wine shops, bars, restaurants and wine producers a new opportunity to offer the wine by the glass with guaranteeing all the maximum quality.

Nowadays the market of wine, that records a general decrease of consumption in terms of quantity in favour of habits more oriented to quality, it demands to the operators suitable instruments to satisfy the requirements of modern consumers and to meet with their tastes.

Winefit is the ideal solution for professional users that wish to offer a service of wine by the glass in step with the new trends of consumption.
It’s even the proper instrument for wine lovers that wish to hold into their houses a product that combines a nice appearance and professionality and that allows them to uncork prestigious bottles with the consciousness and the warranty of preserving the wine into the best conditions.

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