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Hi! I am Shreya - Regional Coordinator for Chinmaya Mission San Jose's youth wing, also known as Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK).

CHYK is a meeting place for young minds seeking a greater awareness and understanding of themselves and the world around them. By questions, reflection, and discussion, we seek to empower ourselves and our lives. The wealth hidden in our religion and culture help us grow beyond our limitations, so that we can face the challenges of life with purpose, confidence, and inspiration.  Our activities are focused around Study Groups, Seva, and Social opportunities. 

I am also a fitness enthusiast and licensed Zumba instructor.  During the day time, I get to serve the world as a Project Manager via my other passion, clean and safe drinking water.

Motivating YOU motivates ME!

I would like to change the world, one smile at a time. :)

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  • Chinmaya Mission San Jose

    Chinmaya Mission San Jose

    Mission: To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Freedom and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society.
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