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Brief description: Father-Daughter duo Raghavan Eachampadi and Nive Raghavan running for SEF!!!
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What's better than a man who claims he was a former high school track star (Yeah, someone go fact check that) and a girl who once ran a mile in 6 minutes (no need to fact check that) running a 10K this July? How about them working together as a father-daughter team to raise money for their favorite Non-profit this summer? Try and beat that! 

We're Nive and Raghavan, and we're going to be sweating it out this summer as we get ready to put our game faces on and try to make it to that finish line (hopefully on the same day we started running). We'll go to the training camps, practice on treadmills, and drink disgusting protein shakes. All you have to do is move that cursor to the right side of this page and pledge whatever you're willing to (seriously, anything is something, and something is good). No sweat, no cramps, no need to get in to shape. Just that nice feeling you get helping out thousands of people who could really use it. 

Speaking of helping, to learn more about Sankara Eye Foundation, the Non-Profit we're running for, check out:

Team Raghavan is ready to put on those running shoes! Message us with any questions! 

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  • Sankara Eye Foundation

    Sankara Eye Foundation

    We initiate and drive community eye care activities in India by working with our partner, Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India who operate and manage eight eye care hospitals all over India.
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