Kolin Lukas

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Kolin Lukas,
is the founder of the sister network of Altus Crypto, Northwest Arkansas Crypto, & Arkansas Crypto.

Kolin began his professional career in cryptocurrency in 2015 under the wing of the now notorious cyber security expert, John McAfee.

Moving forward, Kolin has worked with a multitude of projects in the crypto space, such as Digibyte, the world’s longest & fastest blockchain; (MTL) Metal Pay, & Stellar Lumens XLM,

In 2017’ Kolin ranked as a Top 30 under 30 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Entrepreneur, when he founded the first cryptocurrency and blockchain company in Arkansas.
Not slowing down, he found himself dubbed the “Bright light of Crypto by Abacus following his national tour in 2018’ and has since continued to expand his cryptocurrency knowledge & network.
He was accepted into both the Cornell’s Blockchain for Business Program, as well as the Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Blockchain Advances & Applicabilities Program. & as a contributor or prior contributor to just about every major cryptocurrency news outlet there is, Kolin is known for his eagle eye in the alt coin market, seemingly always directing his rabid user base to the next big thing..

just in the nick of time.

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