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Brief description: Computer Programmer/Analyst for the County of Sonoma
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I completed the Isha Inner Engineering program 1/26/2014 with my son Grant. Inner Engineering has made such a positive change in my life (and Grant's) and I am extremely impressed with the whole Isha organization. I also love to run (as you might know) so I was very excited to hear about the Isha Sevathon fund raising run for Isha Vidhya. Located in Tamil Nadu India, the Isha Vidhya non profit organization provides education and support for 9 schools and 5200 underprivileged children. Children who would otherwise not get an education.

My wife Cheryl will be running the 5k, My son Grant will be running the 10k and I will be running the half marathon in Baylands Park on 6/22.   Your donation, no matter how small, will go a long way toward helping these children. Don't be intimidated by the set amounts, you can enter your own amount in the text box helow them.

With all of the money that we waste on frivilous things it makes you feel very good to put even a small amount of it toward something so important. Please give whatever you can afford and/or come on out and run with us.  Thank You!

To learn more about the rganization follow this link

All donations are tax deductible (Tax Id 62-1794866). A receipt will be provided for all modes of donation - choose the one most convenient for you.

  • Paypal: Please click the Donate button to the right of this page.
  • Cash/Check: Please contact me.
  • Employer Matching: Find out if your employer has a donation matching program and if Isha Foundation is one of the supported charities.

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