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Empower with Hands-On Learning

Our vision is to change the lives of under-privileged rural children inIndia. We do this by equipping school teachers to help children solveeveryday problems. Our program ingrains math and science concepts byusing learn-by-doing techniques.

We provide educational kits (including experiments and games) to theschools and train the teachers on the use of these kits. The result ofour program is that the kids are creative problem solvers and innovativedesigners who can lead lives very different than their parents.


Most of the schools in rural India lack the infrastructure and facilities. The teaching techniques are primarily rote-based and the teachers dont have the resources to provide powerful learning experience to their students. The students end up graduating from school with limited potential to be independent and creative thinkers and problem-solvers.

Our program has an empirical approach towards training students in science and mathematical concepts. The goal is to design simple experiments to help children identify with concepts using basic material available around them.

Our Approach

We start with basic concepts for 6th grade students and these are continued till they reach 10th grade. We have a team of specialists who design experiments and games for us. We train teachers on using these kits to teach the kids. Teachers start off with leading questions, they demo the experiments to the children and also encourage the kids to handle the experiment. Kids are also encouraged to ask questions. Some examples of the training are as follows

  • Electromagnetism: Use nails, copper wire, cells etc to observe flow of current
  • Electrolysis of water: Use soap box, salt, water, cells etc
  • Respiration is demonstrated using two balloons representing lungs
  • Math concepts like algebraic equations or basic principles of multiplication/division are instilled using board games.

Our Growth

We started with 800 students in 2009. In 2011 we scaled up to 20,000 students.Overall, we have reached out to 210 schools across four states in India Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

We could achieve this growth by partnering with other non-profit organization who complement our work, working with CSR groups, partnering with college NSS volunteers etc

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