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Stanford University Research Study to Reduce Anxiety in Indian Universities

Stanford University Research Study to Reduce Anxiety in Indian Universities

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In Stanford's Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine, under the direction of Dr. Barr Taylor, we focus on the intersection of technology and mental health, specifically how to leverage technology to increase access to services in a less stigmatized way. One of our projects is to develop an online and mobile-based platform to deliver "coached" mental health services to university students. For example, one would enter into our program, complete a questionnaire that assesses one's emotional state and needs, and be assigned a unique-to-you program to learn tools and strategies to manage anxiety or stress. Additionally, one would be assigned an online "coach" - a real person who monitors a student's progress through the program and gives personalized feedback and support.
We have been testing in U.S. universities, but this project aims to bring this model to Indian universities. The very principle we founded this program on - increasing access to mental health services in a more cost-effective and less stigmatized way - seems very relevant to India, if not more so than in the U.S. Overall, there is obviously a clear need for such mental health services at universities in India (as let's face it, it's a universal need), and the timing is right because universities have recognized there is a problem in need of addressing and are ready to begin exploring solutions. Beyond that, with mobile technology penetrating the population at an exponentially increasing rate, online and mobile is not only a more private way to access mental healthcare, but it is also increasingly available.
We are planning to bring this program to 2 universities (Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad and IIT), and the more funding we raise, the more students (and even schools) we can serve.
Stanford has committed $25k to the initiative, and we need to match the other $25k. Cost to serve one student a program and a coach is roughly $100 (8 weeks of online and mobile-based programming + a live coach monitoring their progress) and we have committed to serving at least 500 students.
In even just one school, we would be working with ~5,000 undergrads. Given prevalence of anxiety disorders is estimated around 15% of the population, roughly 750 need our program...as other services are not readily available. If we expand enrollment to those who may have less stress but just want additional tools to manage their stress, these numbers will increase significantly. Though we won't be able to meet the needs of all students during this round, we hope the evidence we collect will motivate increased funding and expansion to other universities and eventually inspire policy change around mental health resource distribution in school systems in India.
  1. Under “I want to support” select: “Other Stanford Designation”
  2. In Special Instructions, please write: “This gift is intended to support the research of Dr. Barr Taylor on Anxiety in India, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.”
  3. Then, please forward me your donation confirmation email so I can add you to our support community and our mailing list for Project Updates. My email is: nkanuri@stanford.edu
The same guidelines apply as listed to the side: 
  • $25: Become a part of our mental health initiative - Your name will be listed as a funder in future research reports and you will be added to the Project Updates mailing list!
  • $100: Funds an anxiety reduction program and coach for one student - You will be identified as a program sponsor!
  • $250: Funds a pizza party study break for one on-campus hostel - You will provide all students with the ultimate comfort, food during exams!
  • $500: Funds an on-campus presentation by a wellness organization - You will be identified to the whole school as the sponsor!
  • $5,000: Funds the addition of a new university with a tailored program - You will be the champion of this university!
Thank you for your support! Please email me at nkanuri@stanford.edu should you like to learn more or get more involved.

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