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At the center of the flattening world stands India: a critical partner to the Eastern and Western geographies, a booming economy, a country that is sending its denizens to the far corners of the world to engage in business, leadership, technology innovation, and evolutionary work that changes the world.

Silicon Valley Indian Professionals—entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and workforce, venture capitalists, and service providers—are at the forefront of the flattening world. We lead the global companies in leveraging technologies, services, and support from across geographies.

Our renewed focus is to include not just entrepreneurs and venture capitalists—we understand that leaders and workforce members of the corporate world are as critical to the success of the flattening world.

SIPA’s mission is focused on creating value for its members in the wealth of information and knowledge that engenders in the meeting of corporate leaders, workforce, consultants, and service providers.

We understand the U.S. markets, we understand the India partnership. As SIPA members, together we can build the most powerful platform for the world to engage in the flattening process.

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