Sri Sambha Sathashiva Vidya Peetham

Sri Sambha Sathashiva Vidya Peetham

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Sri Sambha Sathashiva Vidya Peetham is a non-profit California religious corporation dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and self-inquiry through the critical, comparative study of applied Shaiva and Shakta spiritual traditions. We currently offer courses in meditation, Shaiva and Shakta philosophy, tantra and yoga, puja and chanting, and relevant special topics. We also host lectures by distinguished practitioners and scholars of Shaiva and Shakta spiritual traditions and philosophy. We are developing a free online journal to publish articles in this field, and will organize a scholarly institute within two years to encourage interaction between scholarship and practice in the field of agama and tantra studies. We welcome donations to help us offer free courses and support our publishing and lecture programs.

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