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  • The Akshaya Patra Foundation USA

    About me: ...ay for the child, it serves as a critical intervention addressing both, hunger and education.The Akshaya that no child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.

    442 days ago

  • Madhu Sridhar

    About me: ...ort as many children as you can to ensure that hunger is not a barrier for education for these deserving children. Hunger is a hidden problem that over...hool and transform a whole generation. Address hunger, prevent child labor and crea...

    3101 days ago

  • Luoana

    About me: ...ildren who don't go to school and into child labor just to earn a single meal a day. " No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger." Because of Akshaya Patra ch...

    3101 days ago

  • Ayush Mansingh

    About me: Hello,  This is my first Sevathon and I am promoting Akshaya Patra, an NGO that addresses 2 of India's biggest challenges for children - hunger/malnutrition and access to education....

    2687 days ago

  • Mallory

    About me: ...he coolest weightloss pills available on the market is known as Phenphedrine. That pill has been made to specially do a few things, handle your hunger and increase your metabolism....

    3102 days ago

  • Penny

    About me: ...putt-putt and bowling are still favorites as well. Even though people will be able to view anything engaging on a display or even a level, the hunger for more involved kinds of ac...

    3101 days ago

  • Helen

    About me: ...ce if it is promoted as a fat loss item. *Appetite supressing spectacles -- Claims are tinted contacts exhibit on the retina and decrease your hunger. *Magic weight reduction...

    3083 days ago

  • Beatriz

    About me: ...phen375 consumer reviews Now lower your body till you're feeling your hips barely touch the chair. Eat small portion will prevent you against hunger with out wastage of food that...

    3102 days ago

  • 'Rashmi Siravara

    About me: ...that is not deprived of support ,for challenges that bear the cause of hunger & education, We from The...ra  mid-day meal program. Make  A Compelling Contribution To Eradicate Hunger & Poverty By Clicking Her...

    221 days ago

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