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  • Sanatan Dharma Kendra

    Sanatan Dharma Kendra

    Sanatan Dharma Kendra (or SDK), a non-profit organization (tax-exempt per IRS code sec...mpered by all these various Samskaras enables that human body to reach its highest pin...n performed as prescribed by Vedic scriptures help human being...

    2034 days ago

  • StandUp For Kids

    StandUp For Kids

    Homelessness is not just an adult problem. Teen homelessness rates are on the rise. Our concern is that homeless kids are the most likely target of human traff...

    2034 days ago

  • Global Fund for Women

    Global Fund for Women

    We advance the rights of women and girls worldwide by increasing the resources for and..., voice, choice and opportunities to realize their human rights. The Global Fund for...ura Lederer. The three were convinced that women’s human right...

    2008 days ago

  • Rural Hope Foundation

    Rural Hope Foundation

    Rural Hope Foundation’s mission is to end all forms of human poverty by addressing nutrition, health, education and training needs of people who are facing extreme hardships in rural...

    739 days ago

  • Humane Society Silicon Valley

    Humane Society Silicon Valley

    Our mission is simply to save and enhance lives, both two-legged and four-legged. Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) is an independent, nonprofit orga...ervices, education programs and pet care services to enhance the human-anima...

    3060 days ago

  • PreetiRang Sanctuary

    PreetiRang Sanctuary

    PreetiRang Sanctuary is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission home for framed animals, primarily cattle - Promote interaction between human being...

    587 days ago

  • Dharma Civilization Foundation

    Dharma Civilization Foundation

    The recent PEW Research Center findings on America’s religious landscape revealed that...ays in which a Hindu worldview enriches individual human and community life. In order...ep wisdom that is accessible and meaningful to all human being...

    1953 days ago

  • Overseas Volunteer For Better India

    Overseas Volunteer For Better India   #ELIMINATING WATER POVERTY IN RURAL INDIA   Why Water?   India is in the gri...reversed rapidly, we will see increased farmer suicides, mass migrations and human suffe...

    587 days ago

  • Hindu American Foundation

    Hindu American Foundation

    The Hindu American Foundation (HAF)is an advocacy group seeking to provide a progressive Hindu American voice. Th...eligious liberty, the misportrayal of Hinduism, hate speech, hate crimes, and human right...

    3078 days ago

  • Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc. Community Seva’s Mission: To selflessly serve the community with no boundaries. Who are we?...eeding the Hungry: Hunger unfortunately is everywhere, we would love to cover human’s mos...

    2007 days ago

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