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  • Saloni Heart Foundation

    Saloni Heart Foundation

    Empower Parents of Children with Special Heart

    537 days ago

  • South Asian Heart Center

    South Asian Heart Center to the growing epidemic of heart disease (coronary artery in this group, with 50% of heart attacks or strokes occurring...le modification, and on-going heart-health coaching for its parti...r details visit or call (650) 940-7...

    539 days ago

  • Hrudaya Foundation

    Hrudaya Foundation

    ...JUNE   2005, Hrudaya Cure a Little Heart  Foundation was founded to co...hensively deal with the scourge of heart disease in poor children of I...chand  Mannam, a leading pediatric heart surgeon, in a briefing to the...ldren with congenital and acquired heart diseases across India. ...

    2957 days ago

  • Natural Path Meditation - Sahaj Marg

    Natural Path Meditation - Sahaj Marg

    Sahaj marg (The Natural path), a form of Raja Yoga, is a heart-based meditation system.The essential featur...ethod. Meditation is on the "mere supposition of divine light" in one's heart and it is done for 30 – 60 mi...

    2347 days ago

  • Heart to Heart (H2H) Foundation USA

    Heart to Heart (H2H) Foundation USA India remains the world capital for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), with 300,000 c...$5000 in India, which is well beyond the means of poor, rural families. Heart to Heart (H2H) Foundation is...

    723 days ago


    MOHAN USA INC about the critical shortages that exist in India and other countries. Dr Sunil Shroff founded MOHAN FOUNDATION in India. Mohan Mahal a Heart Transplant recipient since 19...

    1959 days ago

  • Maha Kaleshwar Mandir

    Maha Kaleshwar Mandir

    ...t and Founder of Sree Narayanee Kalikambal Sathasivom Foundation. All are welcome to visit our temple conveniently located in Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

    2609 days ago

  • Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

    Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

    ...ter For Spirtual Enlightenment (CSE) CSE is a meditation center in the heart of Silicon Valley, focused on...The Center is an oasis of peace in the community, the world, and in the hearts of individuals. It is throug...

    2971 days ago

  • Sewa International, USA

    Sewa International, USA

    ...havet;) Om peace, peace, peace! (Om,Shanthih!Shanthih!Shanthihi!) Mission Implementation Through our chapters we aspire to perform sewa withour heart and soul(Tana,Mana), andfungi...

    1906 days ago

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