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  • Sumanth Rajagopal

    About me: I am fundraising for Sankara Eye Foundation

    1206 days ago

  • miurachree78

    About me: ...rankfurt, is a good choice, lace Front wigs the price is also very reasonable.Around Frankfurt central station, hotel signs everywhere. Distinctive eye design hotel first of all sei...

    3102 days ago

  • Deepthi

    About me: While driving around Coimbatore, India this June my eyes suddenly fell on a bunch of tiny tots with colored uniforms waiting joyously for their buses. In the past 3 years of my a...

    3088 days ago

  • Murali Krishnamurthy

    About me: Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) completed one million free eye surgeries in March this year an...form many more millions of free eye surgeries and alleviate the p...raising support for 10,000 free eye surgeries at the Sevathon and...completion of one million free eye surgeries, a theme song has b...Brief description: I am walking 10K and would like to raise support for ten eye surgeries each Kilometer for a total of 100 free surgeries or $3,000. Please support me.Location: Sankara Eye Foundation, Milpitas, CAInterests: Rasising funds for free eye surgeries

    2667 days ago

  • Spoorthi

    About me: ...participating in the 5K run to support Sankara Eye Foundation. SEF's mission is...reach out to the rural poor and provide quality eye care free of cost. Nearly 80%...ched the milestone of performing 1 Million Free Eye Surgeries. With your support,...

    2995 days ago

  • Subhiksha Bal

    About me: Hi my goal is $1000 for the Sankara Eye Foundation. Please help me(: Thanks.

    2743 days ago

  • Lizette

    About me: is conceived by you, you'll not produce much more when compared to a one who functions in an company. However, in the event that you keep your eyes start and look closely at de...

    3091 days ago

  • Herbert

    About me: ...t of area company meeting or planning to organize for your considerably awaited vacation getaway? Whether an often overlooked aspect to be journeyed for business or leisure by o...

    3107 days ago

  • Hildegarde

    About me: ...h choices of one of the most common search machines online. Therefore, many internet sites seem and you get to visit the types that capture your eye and most often are higher i...

    3106 days ago

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