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  • Subbu

    Dear All, Namaskarams. This is my 5th year in Sevathon (3rd year in absentia). I've moved to India couple of years back and recently to Dubai, but  Isha Vidhya cause is very close to my heart and I decide to support Isha Vidhya from India participating in Sevathon. I'll be planning to run my 10K...

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    1928 days ago

  • Goutham

    I am a software engineer and really value education that has helped me rise to what I am today. I have been associated with Isha since May 2009 and have been through the several yoga programs and social activities they are into. I have been dreaming to see a school similar toAamir Khan's visi...

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    761 days ago

  • Raising Funds for Project East Side Union High School District!

    Dearest Friends, Over the last 4 years, I have witnessed the positive and healthy impact of yoga and breathing in lives of over $7,500 youth from 15 public schools of Bay Area. Starting this year we are launching Project East Side Union High School District. We will work with schools and adinsi...

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    3021 days ago

  • Rishi Gupta and Linda Yip

    Gift an Education. Make a Life.   "Education is about making the child grow with an uncluttered intelligence. An intelligence that is not identified and entangled in culture, religion, ideology, or prejudice will naturally lead to the ultimate blossoming of the individual. "  -       Sadhguru,...

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    2657 days ago



    Mission To lay a firm foundation of the pure dance aspects by teaching simple exercise routines, a disciplined approach to practice sessions and expressional dance form including theory to the aspiring and motivated students.To provide the stage and opportunity to the keen students to ...

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    2671 days ago

  • Aastha Initiatives

    Aastha Initiatives

    To have faith, and believe in oneself. Working towards the betterment of the human life, kids with autism.

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    1976 days ago

  • Global Peace Initiative

    Global Peace Initiative

    The Global Peace Initiative is an innovative, scientifically validated program to create world peace! Global Peace Initiative's goal is to create a permanent group of 9,000 professional peace creators in India and another group of several hundred in the US. These groups comprise Maharishi Ved...

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    1235 days ago

  • Yogathon @ Sevathon 2018

    Yoga Daan - Be a Part of our Seva Yoga Bharati has pledged to offer yoga as a tool to bring peace and health in the world.  Our volunteers have burning passion, soothing techniques of yoga, and enriching wisdom of life to the hearts of people suffering from many physical and mental ailments...

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    1219 days ago

  • Ruh_Isha

    We are fortunate parents to be able to provide more than basic amenities to our son Ruhaan. He loves to play and observe nature and have lots of toys, lovely friends and wonderful family to cherish. However, there are many kids at Isha Vidhya who need our help to stand up on their own. We are sur...

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    1076 days ago



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    828 days ago

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