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  • PlayPack, Inc.

    PlayPack, Inc.

    PlayPack is a completely youth-run non-profit organization c...young children recovering in hospitals across the Bay Area. While hospitals focus on th...e, we have delivered more than 500 PlayPacks to 11 Bay area hospitals. It is our hope tha...

    2480 days ago

  • Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc.

    ...erally, the word Seva means “service”. Selfless service, or Seva (a Sanskrit word), is a service whic...s from.  All of our activities and events will benefit those in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Goals: Feeding the Hun...

    1473 days ago

  • JDRF - Greater Bay Area Chapter

    JDRF - Greater Bay Area Chapter

    JDRF (Junvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the imp...

    1412 days ago

  • Indians for Collective Action

    Indians for Collective Action

    Indians for Collective Action (ICA) is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit group. ICA believes in a secure life for every Indian, in a sustainable environment and a just society. Since our inc...

    53 days ago

  • Chinmaya Mission San Jose

    Chinmaya Mission San Jose

    ...o society.  Chinmaya Mission San Jose conducts cultural classe..., San Ramon, and more) in the Bay Area. Throughout the year, we cel...on, please visit Chinmaya Yuva Kendra...information, please visit chykbayarea By choosing CMSJ as the non-...

    2464 days ago

  • Siva Murugan Temple Concord

    Siva Murugan Temple Concord

    The temple was originally established in a small wood framed house in San Francisco, California, way back in 1957, by an American born Hindu guru, Sivaya SubramuniyaSwami. It may have been...

    2468 days ago

  • Transplant Recipient International Organization.

    Transplant Recipient International Organization.

    TRIO - Transplant Recipient International Organization is head quartered in New Jersy. Mohan Mahal is the president of the Bay Area TRIO chapter. Or goal to promote and educate people about Organ Donation. 

    601 days ago

  • Touch A Soul

    Touch A Soul

    Do you know there are many families in the Bay area struggling to meet their basic needs, inc...based first non-profit organization in the bay area, that is dedicated to serve u...s provide nutritious meal for kid’s in the bay area, so they can focus on their e...

    53 days ago

  • College of Adaptive Arts

    College of Adaptive Arts

    The College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) is a cutting edge Bay Area nonprofit paving a new path for turning adults with disabilities into successful contributing citizens through the arts. We provide a...

    1400 days ago

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