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  • Rural Hope Foundation

    Rural Hope Foundation

    Rural Hope Foundation’s mission is to end a...erty by addressing nutrition, health, education and training needs of peo...e who are facing extreme hardships in rural areas. Focus Areas:  Nutr...mpowerment of Women Support Farmers, Rural areas & Environment...

    741 days ago

  • American Association of Social Advancement of India

    American Association of Social Advancement of India

    ...serving food)  These units employ rural poor and also offer professio...One Bicycle for a student in rural India  (to assure attendance...lly self-reliant) after tailoring education:   $100 Salary for caretak...for treatment and rehabilitation, Education and training of rural poor, c...

    589 days ago

  • Vetrivel Foundation

    Vetrivel Foundation

    ...decrease the drop-out rate in rural schools of India   When we started visiting schools in rural areas of India, we found two key...f other opensource multimedia education contents.   We collaborate...a who deliver our contents to rural schools and train the students an...

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    One School At A Time One School at a Time is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedi...helping rebuild infrastructure of underprivileged, rural schools in India. A totally and healthy learning environment for kids in rural Ind...

    589 days ago

  • Society for Rural Improvement

    Society for Rural Improvement

    SRI (Society for Rural Improvement is a Registered, Non Pr...cio-economic support to the poorest rural women.  While the short term...Social Emancipation of the poorest rural women.  It incorporates the m...he social side, the emphasize is on education, health, sanitation, access t...

    3005 days ago

  • Sathseva


    SathSeva, a committed group of medical practitioners, village leaders and...wareness about healthy life styles to rural Indian communities. 100% of t...althy life styles to people in Indian rural villages. SathSeva, is primar...wareness about healthy life styles to rural Ind...

    3128 days ago

  • Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc.

    ...a volunteer run Non-profit organization. We strive: To make qualtiy education accessibel to underprivil...people from impoverished background. To give vocational trainning in rural communities. To provide disaster...

    589 days ago

  • Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

    Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

    ...on is to build an ecosystem for transforming engineering education in India with the assistance of engineering education experts and industry from aro...course, faculty accompany students to villages, schools, rural hospitals, etc. to discuss with l...

    915 days ago

  • Ekal Vidyalay Foundation of USA

    Ekal Vidyalay Foundation of USA

    ...pproach to social and economic development of rural and remote tribal villages in India by providing functional education that includes basic literacy,...mic development, social empowerment and value education. Ekal Vidyalaya runs single t...

    589 days ago

  • Isha Vidhya

    Isha Vidhya

    ...itted to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and to helping disadvan.... Objective: To make quality education accessible & affordable to the rural poor Means: 1. Building & up and running schools in rural areas, Isha Vidhya is only too aw...

    589 days ago

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