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  • Hema Vijayan

    About me: ...h year to raise funds for the education of under-previleged kids through a non-profit rural educational intiative, Isha raise funds to sponsor the education of 20 children (20 x 240$ = 4800$) in rural India through a non-profit educat...

    1923 days ago

  • Harini Jambunathan

    About me: ...Isha vidya, a non-profit initiative for rural education, since 2009 and been luck...t friends who joined hands in supporting education of about 20 rural children so far. I am children, for, I consider the gift of Education as one of the greatest empowe...

    1129 days ago

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  • Rural Hope Foundation

    Rural Hope Foundation

    Rural Hope Foundation’s mission is to end a...erty by addressing nutrition, health, education and training needs of peo...e who are facing extreme hardships in rural areas. Focus Areas:  Nutr...mpowerment of Women Support Farmers, Rural areas & Environment...

    738 days ago

  • American Association of Social Advancement of India

    American Association of Social Advancement of India

    ...serving food)  These units employ rural poor and also offer professio...One Bicycle for a student in rural India  (to assure attendance...lly self-reliant) after tailoring education:   $100 Salary for caretak...for treatment and rehabilitation, Education and training of rural poor, c...

    586 days ago

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  • Support CHES

    Upakriti's Sevathon participation is to raise funds specifically for our CHES projec...the team and help support CHES. Here's a blurb about CHES - Community Health Education Society – CHES was init...

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