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  • Narika


    ...walk with us as well or raise money for yourself!  Is there someone you would like to run/walk in honor of?   A 2011 study reveals that 64% of Indian and Pakistani women have expe...

    472 days ago

  • The Kiran Anjali Project

    The Kiran Anjali Project

    ...tation. However, there are many grassroots activists working to change this. The Kiran Anjali Project, a U.S. based nonprofit, links with existing Indian organizations to provide them...

    2616 days ago

  • IIT Roorkee Alumni Association

    IIT Roorkee Alumni Association

    ...teaching staff, as defined in IIT Roorkee ordinance, with 2 year standing at IIT Roorkee including Director, residing in Canada and United States.Indian Institute of Technology Roork...

    2598 days ago

  • SIPA


    ...e far corners of the world to engage in business, leadership, technology innovation, and evolutionary work that changes the world. Silicon Valley Indian Professionals—entrepreneurs,...

    2597 days ago

  • Dharma Civilization Foundation

    Dharma Civilization Foundation

    ...connectedness to India and to its languages and cultural traditions. There is a close connection between Hindu identity and Indian identity. I hope that the richness of Indian cultural traditions will cont...

    1549 days ago

  • Pallium India-USA

    Pallium India-USA

    ...passion, Community" A life with Compassionate Care and Dignity for the Indian community living with serious...: Donations to Pallium India-USA are processed via our partner charity, Indians for Collective Action (ICA)....

    2350 days ago

  • Stanford University Research Study to Reduce Anxiety in Indian Universities

    Stanford University Research Study to Reduce Anxiety in Indian Universities

    ...e program and gives personalized feedback and support.   We have been testing in U.S. universities, but this project aims to bring this model to Indian universities. The very princi...

    2248 days ago

  • Samarthanam Trust

    Samarthanam Trust

    ...m Smt. Pratibha Patil, Honourable President of India 2012: Nominee for Indian of the Year - Public Service ...14: Team India lifts the 4th ODI Cricket World Cup for the Blind 2016: Indian Cricket Team wins the 2nd T-2...

    183 days ago

  • Indians for Collective Action

    Indians for Collective Action

    Indians for Collective Action (ICA) is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit group. ICA believes in a secure life for every Indian, in a sustainable environment...

    183 days ago

  • South Asian Heart Center

    South Asian Heart Center

    ...eart Center is the first major non-profit response to the growing epidemic of heart disease (coronary artery disease or CAD) among people from the Indian sub-continent. Men and women...

    183 days ago

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