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  • Bhaskar Srinivasan

    Isha Vidhya is about educating underprivileged kids in villages whose family income is less than $2 per day.It is an initiative towards equipping these kids with quality education that could make them blossom to their highest potential. This school is run and supported by volunteers. Any donation...

    Location: fremont, ca

    1137 days ago

  • Reena Rao

    Location: Fremont, CA

    2262 days ago

  • Chitra Rajasekaran

    Hello This is my first year with Sevathon and I'm volunteering for Isha Vidhya cause. Isha Vidhya provides education to rural kids. Isha Vidhya addresses a specific need that exists in rural villages in Tamil Nadu, where the parents of the kids are laborers and cannot provide quality education t...

    Location: Fremont, CA

    1158 days ago

  • Venu

    Location: Fremont, CA

    2276 days ago

  • Irene Yamane

    Your donation will fund over 2,500 YES! for Schools Freshman in 5 schools this school year by offering practical tools and life skills to manage stress and emotions.  When students learn how to manage their stress in a healthy way, they exhibit greater confidence and motivation to succeed in scho...

    Location: Fremont, CA

    3020 days ago

  • Seena

    I am participating in Sevathon this year to support 'Voice of A Child' organization. Sincerely appreciate VOC's efforts in supporting educational projects in India for underprivileged children. Hope you can support to raise more funds for VOC's projects.  

    Location: Fremont, CA

    1914 days ago

  • MySahana

    MySahana, meaning “my fortitude or patience” in Sanskrit, is a 501(c)3 certified nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing stigma and increasing awareness about emotional health issues and wellness in the South Asian community. Through easy-to-understand descriptions of numerous mental health ...

    Location: Fremont, CA

    1940 days ago

  • Chitra Rajasekaran

    Hello everyone! This is my sixth year with Sevathon and I'm volunteering for Isha Vidhya cause again. Last year in Sevathon with all your help & support I was able to raise $11640 to support many kids for a year providing scholarship for their education. Isha Vidhya provides education to ...

    Location: Fremont, CA

    389 days ago

  • Sachin Sadana

    In December 2012, I joined the Akshaya Patra Bay Area Youth Chapter. At first I thought Akshaya Patra was like many other charities, but my firsthand experience made me a believer and supporter of its mission.  I worked hard with my peers to host socials and events to fundraise money for the you...

    Location: Fremont, CA

    2702 days ago

  • Sam Moturi

    Location: Fremont, CA

    2679 days ago

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