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  • Sunnyvale Hindu Temple & Community Center

    Sunnyvale Hindu Temple & Community Center

    Navratri Fundraiser and Food DriveSunday October 25, 2020 Navra...spiritual support during the pandemic, and members of the commu...ipate in this fund raiser and food drive as an alternate way to...elebrate the Navratri season, and help those in need. 50% of th...e and 50% will go towards the food...

    337 days ago

  • Touch A Soul

    Touch A Soul

    Do you know there are many families in the Bay area because there isn't enough food at home? Children develop behavioral issues and hungry kids can't focus and learn. Do you know 30 millio...s  school children get served food through this program. Every...

    585 days ago

  • Akshaya USA

    Akshaya USA

    Akshaya is committed to helping the helpless, homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill and destitute in Madurai, India by providing healthy food, care, and opportunity to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.

    3084 days ago

  • American Association of Social Advancement of India

    American Association of Social Advancement of India

    American Association for Social Advancement of India (AASAI)  ht...of our projects are selected and mentored to become self-relian...tion of bio-degradable plates and cups (for serving food)  These units employ rural for destitute mentally ill and destitute women: $1000 to $30...

    585 days ago

  • Joy of Sewa and Chamber of Commerce

    Joy of Sewa and Chamber of Commerce

    We focus on bettering our socieities by community service and volunteering together.  Projects include Community Development and Improvement Food for homeless and children H...umanitarian and Disaster support Interfaith and...

    1147 days ago

  • Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc. is a volunteer run Non-profit organization. We strive: To make qualtiy education accessibel t...ional trainning in rural communities. To provide disaster relief. To provide food and...

    585 days ago

  • Isha Foundation

    Isha Foundation

    Sadhguru is a realized yogi, mystic and visionary who has dedicated Engineering provides tools and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it. It your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy wi...

    1129 days ago

  • Living Wisdom School

    Living Wisdom School

    Excellence Cultivating a lifelong love of learning and critical thinking in an atmosphere of...pect for the individual Education for Life Building character; prac...astery, conflict resolution, maturity, and compassion for others The Inner Life A curriculum that honors the...

    1230 days ago

  • Aga Khan Foundation

    Aga Khan Foundation

    ...blems by forming intellectual and financial partnerships with or...y work to improve the welfare and prospects of people in the de...eterminants of the quality of life, including the natural and b...n both urban and rural areas, food security, health, education,...

    1876 days ago

  • Freedom from Hunger

    Freedom from Hunger

    Established in 1946, Freedom from Hunger is an international developmen...organization that brings innovative and sustainable self-help the fight against chronic hunger and poverty. Freedom from Hunger...heir incomes, safeguard their health and achieve lasting food...

    3063 days ago

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