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  • SiliconSage Foundation

    SiliconSage Foundation

     SiliconSage Foundation is the foundation arm of SiliconSage Bui...uses on Hepatitis B Awareness and prevention programs. Our Worl...a platform to respect, admire and celebrate the huge Cultural the form of dance, art and food from various cultures. We as...ployees. We have 30 attendees and...

    1184 days ago

  • Yoga Bharati

    Yoga Bharati

    ...soothing techniques of yoga, and enriching wisdom of life to the hearts of people suff...y dollar you pay so that we stand shoulder to shoulder in your...and develop a new outlook on life, giving our total presence to...cluding our time, compassion, and one-on-one attention. Yoga Bh...

    586 days ago

  • Jeena


    Jeena empowers individuals with developmental disorders and their caregivers in the Bay Area, CA and Southern CA.  We are the only...ment for individuals to learn life skills that are necessary for self-care and constructive relationship.  ...

    1966 days ago

  • Sanatan Dharma Kendra

    Sanatan Dharma Kendra

    ...nal Dharma (or Righteousness) and public service and charity, was launched by Pand...the miseries coming in one’s life and to fulfill his righteous desi...f Hindu scriptures into daily life. Maintain a community center...cational, cultural, literary, and performing arts activities con...

    2033 days ago

  • Freedom English Academy (FEAIndia)

    Freedom English Academy (FEAIndia)

    The mission of FREEDOM ENGLISH ACADEMY (FEA...Cities in India. FEA is donor funded and is completely free for all students. The entire cost of this life defining FEA program is $ the lives of disadvantaged students and empower them to raise their in...

    787 days ago

  • Project Roshni (Support Group of Prajwala)

    Project Roshni (Support Group of Prajwala)

    ...f. Sujatha believed the woman and followed her, eventually into...for them to make enough money and to build a life for themselves was for her t...ner of Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, CIVICUS Innovation,  awards) who dedicated her life to rescue, rehabilitate and r...

    1266 days ago

  • Hope4Harper- #Reynascure

    Hope4Harper- #Reynascure

    Reyna Jogani was born with a random genetic condition called CDKL5. CDK...many complications including reduced life expectancy. Reyna has had se...nd a cure in a timely manner for her, and the 1200 children in USA, and 8000 children worldwide and many more undiagnosed affected...

    775 days ago

  • Embrace Global

    Embrace Global

    Embrace mission is to advance maternal and child health by delivering to ensure that every woman and child has an equal chance for a healthy life. Approximately 20 million low birth weight and premature infants are born. 4...r close contact between mother and child, requires only intermitt...

    3124 days ago

  • Dharma Civilization Foundation

    Dharma Civilization Foundation

    The recent PEW Research Center fin...population), live productive and, for the most part, ethical l...the pursuit of their primary life goals or even understand the...ndividual human and community life. In order to commend our India. For good historical and other reasons, there is a deep...

    1952 days ago

  • Stanford University Research Study to Reduce Anxiety in Indian Universities

    Stanford University Research Study to Reduce Anxiety in Indian Universities

    In Stanford's Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine,...ssesses one's emotional state and needs, and be assigned a uniq...ices in a more cost-effective and less stigmatized way - seems...ughly $100 (8 weeks of online and mobile-based programming + a...ts with the ultimate comfort, food...

    2651 days ago

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