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  • Itsdiff


    Conduct educational seminars - working w...erts in the field to create  awareness and preserve cultural heritage and social values Organize spec...eurs, achievers , educational scholars and people from all walks of life to learn from their life experiences Conducts weekly ...

    3066 days ago

  • Ekam USA

    Ekam USA

    "Every Child Deserves a Right to a Healthy Lifeand no child should be denied healt...iatrician who has dedicated her life and career to provide for underpr...eonates, children, adolescents, and mothers from underprivileged c...e USA. Run - Walk - or do Yoga and support Ekam USA. Register for...

    778 days ago

  • Deathwise


    Our mission is to become the trusted source of content, conversation, tools and research for understanding end-of-life issues, exploring your choic...out death, wiser about how to prepare for it, and wiser about what to do when a...

    2993 days ago

  • SERUDS (Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society)

    SERUDS (Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society)

    SERUDS (Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society) i...nmental Organization (NGO) in Andhra Pradesh State, India working for the welfare and development of deprived stree...cused on access to education, food, livelihood training and healthcare. We have received...

    28 days ago

  • Light Of Life Trust

    Light Of Life Trust

    We educate orphan and underprivileged children in over 425...e all round development of the child and their community. We empower t...conduct health camp, for a physical and eye exam of children. Meals,...and talent shows.

    1979 days ago

  • Pallium India-USA

    Pallium India-USA

    Watch our "Who is Pallium India?" video... PALLI...INDIA-USA "Care, Compassion, Community" A life with Compassionate Care and Dignity for the Indian like cancer, so they can have a pain-free life with dignity and comfort. ABOUT DONATIONS: D...

    2754 days ago


    Objectives: Introduce Bhagavad G...gious, personality development and decision-making guidebook, re...the way to ultimate happiness and societal harmony through an enlightened understanding of life and the world. Bring out th...of Gita to alleviate workplace and societal challenges of the 21s...

    763 days ago

  • Wishing Well Inc.

    Wishing Well Inc.

    ...ful experience for our donors and sponsors by offering a portfo...upported with a clear purpose and plan to facilitate better life throughout the world. We in...cover the barriers to giving, and help you to remove them spont...ship with these organizations and maintains dynamic closed loop...

    2998 days ago

  • Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc.

    Community Seva Inc. Community Sev...ligious organization. We come and serve those in need. All don...e now served over 5000 meals… and counting. Breakfast Need:  A lot of things in life are taken for granted, but for many others, life is an on-going struggle with...

    2007 days ago

  • Vibha


    Vibha's vision is to ensure that every underpri...ains his or her right to education, health and opportunity. Vibha's mission is to educate, empower and enable every individual who w...ishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child....

    560 days ago

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