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  • Govind

    About me: ...ojects supported by Voice Of a Child, the tribal school project in Wayanad, run by my friend's father, is close to my heart. The school provides education, boarding and healthy meals t...

    2709 days ago

  • Saril

    About me: believe that it is through education that we can bring long lastin...chool aims to impart holistic education at an affordable cost to the...hence our focus on elementary education. The school is, boarding, health care and education free of cost. The financial c...

    2975 days ago

  • Saritha

    About me: ...501c(3) non-profit organization. I firmly believe that it is through education that we can bring change in t...ol project in Wayanad, run by my friend's father. The school provides education, boarding and healthy meals t...

    3004 days ago

  • Shubhada

    About me: ...l that is educating hundreds of tribal children in the remote forests of Wayanad    (ii) EverGreen English Medium School, Kozhikode - Holistic education for low income families    ...

    2717 days ago

  • Sudha Sreenivasan

    About me: ...vasan.   I have alwyas been passionate about education.  IMO, most valuable thing a human can acquire is knowledge.  Basic education is absolute necessity to gain...n. No amount is too small.  Give the gift of education.  

    2994 days ago

  • Aram Sei

    About me: ...which in Tamil means, help others. Aram Sei intends to help grassroots organizations raise money to support endeavors that aim to provide basic education and healthcare. Aram Sei’s co...Brief description: Aram Sei - supporting grassroots charities worldwide in the areas of education and healthcareInterests: education

    1916 days ago

  • Vijayan

    About me: ...f the people who supported my education, if they were not there to he...a Vidhya:Isha Vidhya provides education to rural kids. Isha Vidhya ad...ential by providing a quality education and environment for their gro...elp the kids flourish through education. Thank You for your support....

    1131 days ago

  • Sija Krishnan

    About me: Like last 2 years, I am participating in Sevathon 2015 to support 'Voice of A Child' organization. Sincerely appreciate VOC's efforts in supporting educational projects in India for underprivileged children. Hope you can support to raise more funds for VOC's projects.

    2269 days ago

  • Prem Talreja

    About me: ...a donation at my pledge page.  Any amont is good. If you can, please consider donating $200 (less than dollar a day) which pays for one students education. We are 501(c)(3) NPO and you...

    718 days ago

  • Anuradha Jagadeesh

    About me: ...Many Many kids in India have no idea of the world outside their little hamlets or villages. They are curious, they are hungry for knowledge and education. And over the past two decade...

    2681 days ago

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