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  • Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc.

    Sevalaya USA Inc. is a volunteer run Non-profit organization. We strive: To make qualtiy education accessibel to underpriviliged population. To provide health services to people fro...

    586 days ago

  • Mahindra Foundation Project Nanhi Kali

    Mahindra Foundation Project Nanhi Kali

    ...of India by providing them with high-quality education support and resources. The pr...s and Indians residing in USA to support the education of underprivileged girls in I...ogramme is jointly managed by K. C. Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation....

    2006 days ago

  • Aga Khan Foundation

    Aga Khan Foundation environments in both urban and rural areas, food security, health, education, access to financial services...ic, architecture and art. Some programmes, such as specific research, education and cultural programmes, span...

    1877 days ago

  • Healthy Scholars Foundation

    Healthy Scholars Foundation

    ...d hearing problems. Healthy Scholars raises awareness of and provides education about these health problems t...ical issues among children sooner, and help them get treated. Through education and outreach, we help student...

    2858 days ago

  • Kelly Wellness and Chiropractic

    Kelly Wellness and Chiropractic

    Our team is dedicated to helping the most people achieve the most health. We encourage education and awareness in regard to alternative medicine and holistic healing approaches. We wor...

    1266 days ago

  • Breathe California

    Breathe California

    ...ung health issues of our time: Asthma Services School site Asthma Education Training for parents, equipment provision for sleep apnea And also provide Community Education, Advcacy Programs and Researc...

    2646 days ago

  • Isha Vidhya

    Isha Vidhya

    ...itted to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India a.... Objective: To make quality education accessible & affordable t...sidised fee Actively promote education of female children (46% are g...h sports, yoga, environmental education, health awareness Ongoing m...

    586 days ago

  • Voice Of a Child

    Voice Of a Child

    ...dignity through opportunities in education".  Our goal is to strategical...fostering social consciousness. Educational opportunity is the cornerst...entary School, Kerala - Holistic education for low income families in Ko...m/watch?v=dq7NqYenees Along with education, our projects have brought ab...

    1230 days ago



    "Project Daan aims to bring education to underprivileged kids through athletic fundraising"  

    1242 days ago



    Chirag is a non-profit, charity organization strives to provide basic necessities and education for children with disabilities across the world.We are a registered 501[(c)(3)] non-prof...

    2007 days ago

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