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  • Kids & Art Video

    Kids & Art video made by high school freshman Arya Natarajan for Kids&Art

    Tags: pediatric cancer, leukemia, kids, art, art therapy

    2688 days ago

  • Art Attacks Cancer

    You can also join us for a 5k, 10k, or 27, 54, or 108 Sun Salutations on June 22.  These funds will enable us to provide: - FREE art workshops for our cancer families - Donate art packages to pediatric cancer families who have to stay in the hospital for extended periods of time - Start ...

    Tags: childhood cancer, art, leukemia, art therapy, sevathon 2014, ICC

    2684 days ago

  • Swathi Upadhyaya

       There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people   up .                                                                 -John Holmes.   Every minute a girl somewhere is being traded for sexual slavery. Sex trafficking is one of the most horrific crimes in the s...

    Tags: Music, art, cooking

    2341 days ago

  • VanyaVellore

    My name is Vanya... I like my school, my classroom and my teachers... The walls have nice colors and pictures. Its warm and nice. I want to help every girl and boy like my brother and me get a nice classroom like we have. I saw the pictures and my mother read to me how kids like us do not have c...

    Tags: Art, dancing and playing flute, dancing and playing flute

    2908 days ago

  • Lalitha Gollamudi

    “Privileged being a woman Blessed being a daughter Complacent being a wife Complete being a mother Empowered being a Researcher Crusader being a runner……”   Can you join me with scuttling steps…… influencing inside to modify outside?   Little children and young girls all over the world a...

    Tags: Science, Music, Children, Poetry, Art, Non profits

    2336 days ago

  • Lalitha Gollamudi

    “A little girl, with bright twinkling eyes Innocent face, dreams to reach the skies Sold into modern slavery, by own family! Her body, soul, freedom….is on sale… Silent wounds speak worldly wise scars. Innocence slipped away, eyes grow dark  It's time the World did something about it!  Bre...

    Tags: Music, Art, Science, Children

    2344 days ago

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