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All profiles and some Pages can now record or upload a video of up to seven seconds to use as a profile video, which will replace your current static profile photo and loop continuously.

Simplicity and subtlety is perhaps the best approach for this feature, you still want users to be able to easily identify your brand name or logo. You can currently only add a profile video from your iPhone or Android.

Broadcasting live video

If you haven’t experimented with Facebook Live yet, its most recent update introduces a number of improvements that give brands more control and flexibility over live broadcasts, including:

Broadcasting from a web browser – You can now go live on Facebook straight from the web on your desktop computer, not just from a mobile as was previously the case. All you need is a webcam and away you go. Where you compose a status, click on the “Start A Live Video” option.

Live contributors for Pages – A new “Live Contributor” role is now available in Pages, which enables admins to give specific individuals the ability to broadcast live. Before this, only admins could go live from a Page. To add a new live contributor, visit the Assign a New Page Role section within Settings > Page Roles.

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